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Wear and Tear – Changing Tyres?

Posted On May 23rd, 2017

It is not uncommon for a vehicle owner to know the importance of tyres for their vehicle. Tyres have an impact on the most crucial of things, such as handling, grip, braking and fuel consumption. Like every other thing, rubber is also subject to wear and tear. As tyres get more and more used, the first thought that comes to someone is about getting those tyres replaced.
Although, when considering to change the tyres of your vehicle, it is not as simple as finding the best offer on any tyres and replace your current ones with them. But don’t change tyres too often or needlessly; let us help you give a few tips to recognize when your tyres need a change.

Keep an eye on the Tread

If you’re looking for signs of wear on your tyre, start noticing its tread at least once every month. Observe the tread of your tyre carefully to see if it is wearing normally. Mostly, a normal wear would be even across the whole tyre with the exception of slits and cuts in the rubber. If there are signs of unusual and uneven wear, consider getting your tyre(s) checked.

Also, keep an eye on the depth of the tread. When the grooves in the tread start to come level with the surface of the tyre, you should consider an immediate replacement. This is an indication that your wear has gone above the legal limit and you now pose a danger to everyone on the road including yourself.

How much distance have your tyres clocked?

A good way to judge if your tyre needs to be replaced, is to check the amount of distance you have travelled with those tyres. Admittedly, some tyres last longer than others but a normal average for front wheels should be somewhere around 18,000 to 20,000 miles. For the back wheels, the average life should be almost double the life of your front tyres. So, you can expect around 35,000 miles on your rear tyres.

After your tyres have covered the mentioned distance, you should consider replacing them even if they’re functional. This is in order to avoid any risks involved when driving with older and worn out tyres.
These are the most basic methods of recognising wear and tear of your tyre and where the limit lies for it. If you are experiencing wobbling, or other problems like vibration, you probably need some wheel alignment and balance. This will also aid in increasing the life of your tyres. Looking for tyres in Sydney with the best prices? At Inner West Tyre Sale, we have all kind of tyres fit for all budgets!