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Wheel Alignment Basics

Posted On July 14th, 2017

Whenever we are looking for a new pair of tyres for our vehicle, our aim is to spend the least amount possible on it. As a result, we end up skipping on a lot of extras which we think is helping us save a quick buck. But is it really saving us anything in the long run? The answer is NO!

Among these extras, one of the things we skip on is wheel alignment. But is skipping on wheel alignment can be a false saving. Instead, spending a little on wheel alignment can maximise the value that you ended up spending on your tyres.
Wheel alignment is the procedure of adjusting the suspension of your vehicle to be completely aligned in line with the tyres as per the vehicle’s manufacturer’s recommendation. In modern day, good alignment is done using computerised systems like the professionals at Inner West Tyre Sale are doing it.

When to Get Your Wheels Aligned?

The most common and easiest indicator to determine if your wheels need alignment is to see if your car pulls to either the left or the right side when you are travelling on a straight road. The reason that wheels go out of alignment is because the vehicle ended up hitting potholes or was driven on a bad road.

Benefits of Wheel Alignment

There are a lot of benefits of wheel alignment which can help you in various ways.
1. It minimises fuel consumption because the wheels don’t exert force to stay straight on a road.
2. It ensures that the tread in contact with the road is even. This prolongs the life of your tyre and prevents damaging and putting all the pressure on one side of the tyre.
3. It helps to improve the handling of your vehicle, decreasing play in your steering and helps drive in a straight line.

Wheel alignment does not come with a tyre purchase, and as soon as you change your tyres, there’s a very high chance that your wheels are misaligned. Once you have enough information on Wheel Alignment about why it is important and worth the time and money to be spent on it; contact a reputable company like Inner West Tyre Sale to do the job for you.

Wheel alignment is not a very long procedure. It hardly takes about 30 minutes but ends up saving you a lot of money and time in the coming future. In short, it is worth the few extra bucks to spend on your wheels and maximise their life. Contact Inner West Tyre Sale at 0414 969 969  to inquire more about wheel alignment or set up a time for when you can visit to get your wheels aligned.