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Hankook Tyres

Hankook Tyres are fast becoming popular in Australia. At Inner West Tyre Sale, we have a wide collection of Hankook Tyres available at wholesale market prices!

Hankook Tyres were invented in South Korea in 1941. According to the current statistic, they are producing around 92 million Tyres worldwide, holding the 7th position as a Tyre manufacturing company around the globe.

Hankook Tyres come in different sizes and types, suitable for all kinds of vehicles, weather conditions and road surfaces.

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Different Hankook Tyres at Inner West Tyre Sale, Sydney

There are different research centres where further development and researches take place to produce more advanced Tyres. Hankook Tyres are durable, resilient and long lasting. At Inner West Tyre Sale, we sell:

  • Optimo H727
    Very affordable, Optimo H727 is our customer favourite. The broad look of the Tyres make it look classy. The rubber threads of the Tyres ensure silent travel on wet surfaces and skid-free braking.
  • Optimo H724
    Optimo H724 Tyres are categorised as entry level Tyres. These Tyres come in various sizes adaptable for Sedans, SUVs, Utes, Vans, Sports Car, minivans and micro pickups. The Tyres can travel nonstop for around 70,000 miles without the need for Repair, Restore or Repaint. Optimo H724 Tyres are silent on wet road conditions and can run steadily for miles.
  • Ventus V2 Evo
    Ventus V2 Evo Tyres are mainly bought by customers who own sports cars and other luxurious motors. These Tyres are costlier than many of Hankook Tyres but still reasonable if compared with other brands’ expensive Tyres. V2 Evo Tyres are durable and waterproof especially on wet, slippery surfaces. The Tyres are made out of solid rubbers. These enable smooth driving on uneven, rough roads and provides noise-proof run on wet surfaces.
  • Ventus V2 Concept H437
    Ventus V2 Concept H437 is comparatively new in Hankook Tyres family. With the price tag reasonably set and having a higher performance percentage, V2 Concept H437 Tyres are gradually becoming popular among the drivers. The Tyres are weather-proof and are capable of running around 70,000 miles without any Repair, Restoration or servicing. Since these Tyres are comparatively new in the market, they may not operate smoothly.
  • Ventus AS RH07
    Ventus AS RH07 Tyres are made for SUVs and small pickups. The Tyre threads are made out of high quality solid rubbers that make Ventus AS RH07 one of the best among all the Hankook Tyres. The threads are specially made to ensure comfortable driving, durability and long lasting wear. The Tyres are weather friendly and can safely run on wet road conditions. You may not get a wide option on sizes, but performance wise it is one of the best. Ventus AS RH07 can drive for 65,000 miles nonstop.
  • Mileage Plus II (725)
    Mileage Plus II (725) Tyres are made for Sedans, Vans and Pickups. One of the best Hankook Tyres, Mileage Plus II (725) prevents skidding and gliding. These Tyres are perfect for a long run, around 85,000 miles, and can easily travel on wet surfaces. The Tyres produce silent traveling.

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