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Inner West Tyre Sale is selling a wide stock of Kumho Tyres in Sydney. If you love Kumho Tyres because of the high performing services provided, then our store is the right place for you. Those who are interested to know more about Kumho Tyres, come to our store and talk to our professional staff.

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Kumho Tyres History

Kumho Tyres were first manufactured in 1960 under a different name of Samyad Tyres in South Korea. In 1963, the first car using Kumho Tyres was successfully driven. By 1976, the Tyre company broke all Korean record in producing the highest numbers of Kumho Tyres. And by 1990, Kumho Tyres manufactured a massive record of 100 million Tyres. Currently, they are ranked the 7th highest Tyre selling manufacturer in Korea.

They have 3 research and development centres in South Korea, 1 in Ohio, 1 in Birmingham and some other in Germany and China.

With constant researching and developing Tyres, Kumho Tyres became the 4th company in the world to produce Run-Flat Tyres. They combined solid rubber with nylon belt edge layers to add advanced degree of stability, durability and long lasting.

Kumho Tyres at Inner West Tyre Sale, Sydney

At Inner West Tyre Sale, our collection of Kumho Tyres is ideal for:

  • Sedans
  • SUVs
  • Utes
  • 4x4s
  • 4WDs
  • Sports Cars
  • Vans
  • Light Trucks
  • Trucks
  • And other vehicles

We can guarantee you that once you buy Kumho Tyres from us, you can drive for 60,000 to 80,000 miles without any need to Restore, Repair or Repaint. There are different types of Kumho Tyres suitable to fit different types of vehicles.

Kumho Ecsta LX-Platinum Tyres

Known as luxurious Tyres, Ecsta LX-Platinum is made using advanced technology and top-class, solid rubber threads to ensure unique performance, durability and stability. This range of Tyres provides sheer comfort in driving and riding, low noise and are weather-proof. The Tyres are adaptable to constant changes in the road conditions. Even when you are driving in the worst road condition, these Tyres will produce traction.

Ecsta LX-Platinum Tyres are assured to run for 60,000 miles without any servicing.

Kumho Road Venture SAT KL61 Tyres

Road Venture SAT KL61 Tyres are made for SUVs and Light Trucks. The Tyres are weather-proof, performing excellently under all weather conditions, suitable for intense and extreme weather and road conditions. Skid-free, glide-free, the Tyres produce better control and stability under poor condition.

The features are made to ensure longer life span of the Tyres. The 3D tread block edge prevents snow from assembling on the Tyres. ESCOT Casing Technology is used to reduce stress from the cord edges and to make uniform patch throughout the Tyres while running on the road. These Tyres are designed with five-rib versions that empty water from Tyre-footprint. This helps more control of the Tyres on wet, slippery road conditions. These Tyres also have straight, centre rib blocks that control Tyre noise and enable better steering response.

These Tyres are ideal if the drivers of SUVs and Light Trucks drive within the city or on highways. The warranty for Road Venture SAT KL61 Tyres is 60,000 miles.

Solus KR21

Solus KR21 is famous for the high performance, extraordinary mileage coverage and stability. These Tyres are well liked by families all over the world. Advanced Carbon Tread helps with better traction on extreme road conditions and ESCOT Tension Control Technology helps to increase tension surrounding the shoulder and bead area. These advanced technologies help to control the Tyres efficiently.

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