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Silverstone Tyres

At Inner West Tyre Sale, you can choose your perfect Tyres from our massive collection of Silverstone Tyres. Currently, the most in-demand Tyres for our customers, we have thousands of different types and sized Silverstone Tyres in our store.

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Silverstone Tyres Overview

Silverstone Tyres were initiated in 1988. From the very beginning they used advanced technology to make all their Tyres. This, combined with using the finest rubber thread, they are producing one of the best, sturdiest and long lasting Tyres in the world.

Silverstone Tyres at Inner West Tyre Sale, Sydney

Why do majority of the Aussie drivers prefer Silverstone Tyres? It is because, the Tyres are low profile yet their performance is superior. Silverstone Tyres are suitable for all weather and road surface conditions.

Silverstone Tyres are tubeless and radials. The Tyres are suitable for Sedans, SUVs, Utes, 4x4s, 4WDs, Vans, Motorcycles, Trucks and Commercial vehicles.

The types of Silverstone Tyres we sell at Inner West Tyre Sale are:

  • Silverstone Summer Tyres
    Summer Tyres are proof against the extreme heat during summer and can resist temperature for more than 7-degree centigrade. Summer Tyres are specifically made to prevent the Tyres to wear off due to the heated fraction on the road surface. All Tyres are fabricated with special rubber to support frictions and breaks without skidding.
  • Silverstone Winter Tyres
    Winter roads are slippery due to constant fog or due to winter drizzles. Silverstone Winter Tyres are made with special rubber thread to ensure the Tyres are adaptable on winter roads, are skid-free and can perform safe brake on snowy, wet winter roads. Winter Tyres can resist temperature below 7-degree centigrade.
  • Silverstone 4×4 Tyres
    Silverstone 4×4 Tyres are the perfect Tyres for off-road adventures that will take you to mountainous, rocky, snowy, sandy and on uneven road surfaces. 4×4 Tyres are skid-free and can perform smooth brakes.

The Advantaged Technology

Silverstone Tyres constantly go through researches and get changes regularly based on the conditions and demands. The advantaged technology used are:

  • Holographic Analyser
  • Silent Roll Technology
  • B&K Noise Analyser
  • Footprint Analyser

Silverstone Tyres for Other Usages

Besides producing high performance Tyres for all kinds of automobiles, Silverstone Tyres also manufactures Tyres suitable for machineries such as:

  • Lawn mowers
  • Turf and utility
  • Farming
  • Rough grounds
  • Residential and Commercial construction
  • ATV
  • Non marking
  • Rubber tracks


Silverstone Tyres have won numerous awards over the years. One of the highlighted awards won is:

  • Malaysian SIRIM

Silverstone Tyres have also received authorised international certificates such as:

  • USA’s DOT Marking of Quality
  • UK’s E11
  • Malaysia’s SIRIM
  • ISO 9002 BVQI Certification of Quality Management

Silverstone Tyres for Your Automobile

If you are unsure on which Silverstone Tyre is most appropriate for your vehicle brand, talk to our staff at Inner West Tyre Sale. Our specialists have adequate knowledge and expertise in providing you with the best advice.

You are guaranteed to buy the highest quality Silverstone Tyres at budget price. Besides buying Tyres from us, you can also get various other services such as Tyre Fitting, Wheel Alignment, Premium Wheel Alignment and Wheel Restoration and Repainting.

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