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Have your wheels been causing a lot of trouble lately? Is your car not performing properly and you suspect it’s because of wheel problems? Are you looking for some place to get your wheels checked and fixed? If you relate to any of the above questions, you’ve come to the right place! Tyres for Sale Inner West Sydney is one of the leading Tyre and wheel repair centers offering a wide range of servicing for wheels; you name it and we’ll have it.

We provide both wheel repair and replacement services. Unlike some other businesses, we recommend our clients to get their wheels routinely checked and repaired instead of going for replacement, as it saves a lot of money than getting a new set of wheels.

Top services at Inner West Tyre Sale:

At Inner West Tyre Sale, you can avail a wide range of wheel repair and replacement services and they are all guaranteed to be of top quality.

Wheel Balancing:
If your car feels a little out of place and you can feel vibration in your steering wheel when you drive, this is an indication that your wheels need balancing. Wheel Balancing distributes the weight across all the Tyres and thus increases speed, performance and life of your Tyres. To balance your wheels, our skilled team will use our wheel balancing machine that will rotate the Tyre to detect the part that is heavier which will then be countered by attaching counter weights on the opposite side.

Wheel Alignment:
If your steering wheel doesn’t appear straight and your car seems to wander off to one side or in the wrong direction this means that your wheel alignment is out of place. Wheel alignment refers to the science of adjusting the angles of the wheels to ensure the right fit with the Tyres. At Tyres Prices Inner West Sydney, we use our top class machinery to first carefully measure the specifics of your wheels and then align them accordingly to ensure a smoother ride for you.

Wheel Repair:
We do all kinds of wheel repair. If you are looking for expert mechanics who can repair scratched rims, contact Inner West Tyre Sale. We polish, straighten and clear coat old rims to make them look brand new. We also repair wheels damaged by cracks, being bent or wearing out due to old age by using cosmetic repairs, welding machinery and paints to make them look and perform better.

Wheel Polishing and Refurbishment:
If your wheels are old or have to face a lot of harsh weather, chances are their paint and polish will wear off making them look less attractive. We can take care of this problem for you by removing all marks and blemishes by repainting and polishing over your wheels leaving them looking fresh and new.

Fitting and Purchase of New Wheels
At Car Tyres Sale Inner West Sydney we can even handle the fitting of your wheels, old or new, at any time! If your wheels are beyond repair we can even offer a replacement which you can choose with our guidance, from our large inventory of wheels for different vehicle makes and models. Experts at Inner West Tyre Sale even take care of the fitting for the new wheels you purchase from us.

Why Trust Inner West Tyre Sale?

Our skilled and trained Tyre repairers have been serving our valuable clients for over several years now. We offer best quality services in the lowest possible rates to help people easily keep their cars and wheels maintained. Servicing all over Sydney, we personalise our services, tailoring them to your requirements making sure that you receive exceptional services.

At Inner West Tyre Sale, we care about your safety thus we make sure to maintain the appearance and performance of your wheels. We promise that once we’re done with it, nobody will be able to guess how old or damaged your wheels once were. Waiting for what? Call us today or visit our garage to get your wheels fixed!

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